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But is the e-world all bad? Not at all. There are ways to use digital convenience to help us reduce symptoms of anxiety, reconnect, and enhance overall wellness. We can put technology to good use and put it to work for us!
This is resulting in increasing rates of anxiety in many people, all over the world.
FREE E-Course: Healing Anxiety Naturally
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Heal Anxiety Naturally
It isn't easy to unplug these days. We rely on our devices, internet connection, and electronic social media in many ways. But this is beginning to cost us dearly. Digital convenience can come at the expense of some important human needs such as in-person connection including eye contact and physical touch, and our relationship with the natural world. For many, the frenzied pace of the modern world is creating other problems, such as anxiety. Our natural alarm system is being triggered by all the digital-age demands.
Nature as Healer
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